BOOM! Fries are done!

Ding Fries Are DoneWhile waiting in line at a local convenience store, we overheard the matronly looking 55 to 60 year old clerk, saying on the telephone, “There’s a fire in the trash can, by the pumps, what do you want me to do?”

Not believing what we just heard, we looked and indeed, there was smoke wafting from a trash can … by the pumps!

We didn’t complete our transaction, but instead exited hastily.  We were left to wonder, “How does this idiot keep their job, let alone getting it?”

Seriously.  You don’t know what to do involving a fire and GASOLINE?!?  Did you attend public schools?  Did you ever watch a television show or movie?  Did you ever use matches or otherwise encounter fire and flammables?  How did you survive those first 55 or so years?

Sheer luck we’d wager.  😀

All we can say now is, “Ding fries are done!”

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