About Us

Happy SummerThis domain name has been host to product sales, an advertising hub, an associate sales site, a human edited directory, and then some.  Now, it will merely be for the entertainment of the masses, or something of that nature.

We ask that you cut us some slack on the content, as not all of it will be our own; we wholeheartedly intend to share, that which is found, from the great expanse of the internet.

With that said, if you encounter content that you don’t like, don’t agree with or even find offensive, then please understand that we expect an adult or mature audience (no, not “that kind” of adult).

The kind of audience that can chuckle over a broad range of topics and ideas.  It should be obvious that we have no intention of offending a single soul, however, we’re sure it will happen.

Other than that, you will encounter some advertising that leads to other sites; this is our attempt to pay the bills.  Please pardon our need to survive.  😉

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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