Warning: Shoveling & Piling High

Snow ShovelingJust a quick rant about snowy weather, shoveling, and parking.

If you live along a city street or in an apartment complex, please remember you’re part of a community.  You should attempt to shovel at least one space, and more is helpful to all, so two or three is preferable.

If you don’t shovel at all, then it’s more than rude to park where someone else has expended the energy to be both prepared, and considerate.  Especially, if you don’t live there, and take up more than one space (which implies you don’t know how to park, and probably shouldn’t be driving).

If you live in the ‘burbs or a rural location, then once you’ve dug yourself out, please consider checking on your neighbors. Especially, the elderly, and those with issues possibly needing a helping hand.

Thanks for listening, and if you agree, please pass it along!  🙂

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