Parent of the YearWitnessed an 8-10 year old girl teasing a 3 year old boy on Easter weekend at a church gathering.  The girl was taking a stuffed animal away from the boy that he had just received as an Easter gift.

She was holding it high above his head, taunting him with it and making the toddler jump for it.  This went on for several minutes, and of course, this caused the 3 year old to eventually cry.

When someone said something to the girl’s mother, in the hopes that she would stop the incessant teasing, the mother replied in a very matter of fact tone, “Well, he should learn to stand up for himself.”

Really, stand up for himself, at age 3?  Stand up for himself, against a child 3 times his age, and twice his size?  My, how Christian of you, mom!

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