B.S. Political Stories

5 Ways to Spot a B.S. Political Story in Under 10 Seconds,”  written by David Wong, a Senior Editor at Cracked.com, is a great article that should be required reading across the nation.

The brief synopsis?  We’re being duped or put to sleep by “horse race journalism,” but that doesn’t do the article or the subject matter any justice whatsoever.  So, please, head over to Cracked and take a look.

We’ll get you started:

An election year is a shit blizzard.  Every place you go for news online — whether it’s portal sites like Reddit, or aggregators like Google News or Yahoo! News or RealClearPolitics, or goddamned clips from late night talk shows — they’re all about to get buried under a brown storm of bullshit inflammatory headlines desperate for your click.

This turdstorm of pointless click-bait filler is a problem for anyone who wants to be an informed voter.  To learn anything useful, you need to be able to sort through all of the garbage to find the actual information and insight.  So let me just tell you right now that you can safely ignore any story if …

Head over to Cracked to read the rest.

Voting Against Your Own Interests For Dummies

Editor’s Note: The image is ours and has nothing to do with the article referenced above; that is all.

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