Something is afoot


  • Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
  • Supremacy of the Military
  • Controlled Mass Media
  • Obsession with National Security
  • Corporate Power is Protected
  • Labor Power is Suppressed
  • Obsession with Crime and Punishment
  • Rampant Cronyism and Corruption
  • Disdain for Human Rights
  • Erosion of Civil Liberties
  • "Enemies" used as a Unifying Cause
  • Election Manipulation?

CPI Inflation Calculator

Or in reverse, $1 in 2017 is worth $0.04 in 1913.
Either way, it's a 96% loss of purchasing power!
Courtesy of the Bureau of Labor & Statistics
Now consider the U.S. National Debt Clock

Past Meets Present: It’s Tense!

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