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Then feel free to print these trifold, doublesided flyers, and hand them out to your heart’s content (keep a copy for yourself too)! You may also direct people to this page, the home of the ANIMAL PhARM Zine, or the zines’ locations: Issue 1Issue 2.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Why “ANIMAL PhARM”? First, we celebrate the literary work of Orwell. Second, the oppressive inequality that exists, and gets worse with each passing day, demands it.  This engineered inequality is the epitome of, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Lastly, we believe that all animals within the kingdom (if you will) are drugged beyond belief. Whether that drugging comes by way of leaching, pollution, direct malfeasance, suspect food stuffs, prescription drugs, personal choice and/or ‘circus and bread’ tactics, etc.

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