About Us

Not much to say …

We/I are no one, and nobody.

However, after a half century of life experience (living, learning, reading, observing, and participating) we’ve come to the conclusion that many things are broken, and many other things are not right. We can’t offer solutions beyond common sense, so we’ll instead offer links, resources, opinion, rantings, food for thought, etc.

Our goal is to raise awareness, foster understanding and encourage participation. We politely ask that you talk about the content with your family and friends. We really need to start talking about the issues impacting our lives, both present and future.

Informational Blurb

This site is made up of information readily available elsewhere, opinion, and food for thought. There are no affiliations, monies, or connections of any kind, to anyone. This is strictly a ‘do it yourselfer,’ so to speak. Any and all are free to agree, disagree, print, redistribute, ignore, burn, laugh at, and/or share as you see fit. We would be offended if we found out someone was charging for our overly shared content, so please don’t.

Obvious Intentions: Some Thought, Less Thought, Directory